Email Change of Address (ECOA)

Reconnect with lost customers and protect ROI!

Marketers lose 30+% of their email database to normal attrition annually. We can protect your email lists from churn by updating your unresponsive customer email addresses with their current preferred addresses. FreshAddress is the U.S. patent holder for ECOA technology (#6,654,789).

Stay Connected with your Most Valuable Asset, your Customers!

We provide the ONLY True Email Change of Address Service

ECOA Correct


Correct hygiene errors using our proprietary process for spelling, typos and transposing.

ECOA Match


Match your file against the largest email change-pair database in the industry.

ECOA Clean


Clean your updated matches using our best in class, SafeToSend validation.

ECOA Message


Deliver an updated, guaranteed SafeToSend file for your use.

Updating your bouncing and inactive email addresses will help you:

  • Retain current customers and reconnect with those you lost
  • Transform bouncing and inactive email addresses into profitable and engaged customers
  • Maximize email campaign deliverability, and avoid ISP blocklisting
  • Reduce marketing costs associated with bouncing emails

ECOA Service Options

With our flexible implementation options, any company or organization can maximize their marketing ROI with our patented ECOA processing.

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Client Managed

After ECOA processing, FreshAddress will clean your list with SafeToSend® and return your matched results for messaging on your preferred platform. We offer a quick turnaround and deliver a guaranteed SafeToSend file for your use.


Auto ECOA gives our clients the power of ECOA at their fingertips! Just sign up, load your bouncing and inactive customer email addresses into your Client Portal and your guaranteed, deliverable SafeToSend email address updates are returned to you in a matter of hours.

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