Email Append Service

Grow your email database!

If you can’t reach your customers via email, you’re losing money! Our email append service can help you drive more online revenue by adding clean and guaranteed deliverable email addresses to 25+% of your postal records.

The Power of Email Appending Without the Risk!

Our principled approach sets us apart from the pack.

Email Append Process - Match


Match your list against our proprietary and partner databases

Email Append Service - Clean


Clean list using SafetoSend

Opt-in step of email append process


Send opt-in permission email

2nd clean stage of email append process


Clean list again using SafetoSend

Adding your customer’s email addresses to your postal records will empower you to:

  • Dramatically boost online revenues by expanding your campaign audience
  • Generate more business from existing customers by creating valuable multi-channel relationships
  • Win back lost customers, drive repeat purchases, and nurture loyalty
  • Reduce direct mail costs

Permission Message Options

Leverage the insights of a dedicated project manager and expert data engineers.

An extra measure of quality control for one-time runs and projects with special requirements.

Typical Turnaround: 15 business days
Minimum Project Fee: $2,500

Client Managed Email Append

We return your matched results for messaging on your preferred platform. Choose this option for quicker turnaround, simpler processing, and greater control over your welcome messages.

FreshAddress Managed Email Append

We’ll work with you to customize your creative and manage permission deployments. Upon completion of the project, you will receive three lists: opt-ins, opt-outs/unsubscribes, and non-responders. Choose this option for an end-to-end list growth solution.


Our automated email append service is platform agnostic, simple to integrate, and available 24/7/365.

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Automated Batch Processing

Maximize your supply of email addresses with on-demand e-appends.

  • Minimal turnaround times when frequent processing is needed
  • Results returned in a few hours—or less
  • Straightforward technical implementation

Email Append Vendor Selection Criteria

Be sure to use a partner that:

  • Refuses to append prospect lists.

  • Matches against 100% opted-in data; and in case of dispute can provide an information source and registration date for every record.

  • Runs all append matches through a proven email validation and hygiene solution.

  • Will deploy an opt-in confirmation message through their own sending infrastructure.

  • Provides appended addresses that your customers have identified as their preferred addresses.

  • Guarantees that all results returned are 100% deliverable.

  • Has a stellar reputation and will provide testimonials, references, and a credible client portfolio.

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Email Appending Success Stories

Want to learn what happens when marketers run an email appending job with a trusted vendor? Check out our latest client success stories. Here a few examples:

The American National Red Cross
American Red Cross
  • Added 1,000,000 donor email addresses to its database;
  • The new addresses helped it triple digital sign-ups (a key strategic goal).
Partnership with Native Americans
  • Reconnected with over 450,000 constituents and members; and
  • Generated an ROI of nearly 4,000%.
Top Home Improvement Company
  • Generated $220,000 in sales on a $16,416 investment.