Send us your bouncing or inactive customer email file.

After we receive your data, we…

    • Clean your list using SafeToSend® to identify and update typos, formatting problems, syntax errors, dead domains, FCC-mandated wireless blocks, and records on the DMA’s “Do Not Email” list. Where possible, we also flag fictitious and malicious emails.
    • Match your cleaned list against our proprietary, opted-in change-pair database (122+MM) and those of our carefully vetted partners.
    • Analyze the raw matches and weed out any emails that are not SafeToSend.
    • Send a branded “permission message” to the updated email addresses to confirm deliverability and drive opt-ins.
    • Clean again based on our most current knowledgebase of damaging (but deliverable) addresses to ensure your results are SafeToSend.

    We deliver guaranteed deliverable email addresses for 20+% of your list!

How it All Started…

This was our first corporate headquarters and our strategic planning session on the kitchen table

In 1999, FreshAddress co-founder Austin Bliss went to email his old college friend Nikki and realized that he didn’t have her most updated email address. And after searching the web, he realized there was no service that could help. With an idea in hand, Austin partnered with his friend Bob Mack. In November of 1999, the two launched the free website from Austin’s kitchen in Somerville, MA.

The service was the first Email Change of Address database, enabling users to register their old and new email addresses and keep in touch with friends, favorite stores, and all of their email contacts. Now, FreshAddress has evolved into a full service email database company that continues to grow every day.

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