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Postal Appending Overview

You’ve built a great database of your customers’ and prospects’ email addresses. You want to start marketing to them via direct mail, but you don’t have their postal addresses…

FreshAddress’s postal appending (also known as Reverse Appending) adds postal addresses to your existing email address database. Any company or organization with a database containing mainly email addresses, and in need of corresponding postal addresses or zip codes can benefit from a postal append.

The addition of your customer’s postal records can empower you to:

  • Convert your single-channel customers to valuable multi-channel customers
  • Gain the ability to merge the records and transaction histories of your email and postal files
  • More effectively target advertising and/or offers to customers and prospects via zip codes
  • Reach customers and prospects with items they can touch via mail
FRESHADDRESS EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS and helped us reach hundreds of thousands of our customers via email.


How It Works

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Send your customer email file to FreshAddress. After we receive your data, we…

  1. Clean your list using SafeToSend® to identify typos, formatting problems, syntax errors, dead domains, FCC-mandated wireless blocks, and records on the DMA’s “Do Not Email” list. Where possible, we also flag fictitious and malicious emails.
  2. Match your cleaned list against our proprietary, opt-in database (835+MM opted-in records) and those of our carefully vetted data partners.
  3. QC, standardize and re-clean your appended records. This step includes NCOA processing (National Change of Address database managed by the USPS).

We return an updated file with 30-60+% of missing names and postal addresses added.


The FreshAddress Difference

FreshAddress stands out as the data append service provider of choice. Where’s the evidence? Check out what we have to offer:

  • Reliable Sources – The quality of your addresses is as important the quantity. With a proprietary database of over 835MM opted-in records—plus the lists of carefully selected partners —we can provide missing names and postal addresses for 20-40+% of your list.
  • Best Practices – From legal compliance to using the most precise database matching, everything is done by the book and to the highest standards.
  • Worry-free Hygiene – Forget about wasting money appending to bogus and made-up email addresses. Our powerful SafeToSend® technology strips bad and toxic addresses from your input file prior to matching.
  • Integration Options – Our flexible implementation options makes it easy to append.
  • Trusted Email Address Experts – Our clients’ glowing reviews speak for our integrity and industry-leading know-how.

Implementation Options

With our flexible implementation options, any company or organization can maximize their marketing ROI with the level of a data appending service that best fits their needs.

Managed SERVICE postal appending

Leverage the insights of a dedicated project manager and expert data engineers.

  • An extra measure of quality control for one-time runs and projects with special requirements
  • Typical turnaround: 10 business days
  • Minimum project fee $2,000