How Do You Spell “Success?” Successories Spells It “B2B Email Append”

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B2B Email Appending Overview

You’ve built a great database of your corporate customers’ direct mail information. Now you want to start marketing to them electronically, but you don’t have their work email addresses… FreshAddress’s B2B Email Appending service adds guaranteed deliverable email addresses to your existing corporate postal database.

The addition of your customer’s email addresses to your postal records can
empower you to:

  • Turn single-channel customers into valuable multichannel customers
  • Drive repeat business and nurture loyalty through more frequent customer contact
  • Shrink your marketing costs by cutting printing and postage expenses
  • Dramatically boost your online revenues

A lot of vendors will promise you all that and more. In reality, the data that many of them provide can put your marketing results and your good name at risk. With FreshAddress® as your provider, the business benefits of your B2B email append are never in doubt.

Note: minimum project fee is $2,500

When it comes to e-append, FreshAddress delivers the highest quality names and best match rates we have found.

Rick Christ, President, NP Advisors (now Amergent)

How It Works

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B2B email appending technology finds deliverable work email addresses for your corporate postal records. FreshAddress is able to match 30+% of your list using robust corporate domain pattern matching, our proprietary B2B and B2C (SOHO) databases, multi-partner data sourcing, and our exclusive SafeToSend® list hygiene.

Send your customer postal file to FreshAddress. After we receive your data, we…

  1. Match your file against our proprietary, opted-in B2B and consumer (SOHO) databases, and the licensed data of our carefully vetted data partners. We also match against our knowledgebase of corporate domain patterns.
  2. Clean the matched list with SafeToSend.
  3. Send a branded “permission message” to your customers to confirm deliverability and drive opt-ins to your communications.
  4. Clean the matched list again to ensure your file is SafeToSend based on our most current knowledgebase of damaging (but deliverable) addresses.

We return an updated file with 100% guaranteed deliverable SafeToSend email addresses for 30+% of your list.

The FreshAddress Difference

FreshAddress stands out as the email append provider of choice. Where’s the evidence? Check out what we have to offer:

  • Reliable Sources – The quality of your addresses is as important the quantity. With a proprietary database—plus the lists of carefully selected partners—we can provide the best of both worlds: 100% guaranteed deliverable email addresses for up to 30+% of your list. With quarterly processing, you can double these results in the first year.
  • Worry-free Hygiene – Forget about high bounce rates, blocking, and blacklisting. Our powerful SafeToSend® technology keeps undeliverable and toxic addresses out of your matched addresses.
  • Opt-in Permission Message  We take pride in leading the industry’s evolution toward opt-in messaging as we continue to raise the standards of excellence in email database services. Opt-in messages grants you deeper insights into your most engaged customers while reducing complaint and unsubscribe rates.
  • Best Practices – From CAN-SPAM compliance to using the most precise database matching, everything is done by the book and to the highest standards.
  • Trusted Email Address Experts – Our clients’ glowing reviews speak for our integrity and industry-leading know-how.
  • A Square Deal – We’ll credit you for any undeliverable email addresses in your results.

Target your most engaged, receptive customers. Maximize response rates. Increase sales. And protect your reputation as an ethical email marketer. You can do it all with FreshAddress’s B2B Email Append Service.