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FreshAddress Audience Connector helps you reach more Facebook users by converting your existing email and direct mail customer or prospect databases into targetable custom audiences on Facebook.

The Problem…

You can’t reach a lot of the people you are targeting on Facebook because:

  1. Many consumers signed up for Facebook years ago using a different email address from the preferred email address you have in your database. Without knowing that email address, there is no way to reach your target through custom audiences.
  2. You’ve built a robust postal record database, but lack the email address necessary to reach targets online.

The Solution…

FreshAddress Audience Connector uses our patented Email Change of Address (ECOA) technology to connect a user’s current email address with the one they used to sign up for Facebook years ago. FreshAddress can also leverage our email appending service to connect brands to customers with only a name and postal address.

Contact us today to learn how FreshAddress Audience Connector is helping leading brands grow their Facebook custom audiences by up to 30%!

FreshAddress Audience Connector is a major value-add for Nautilus. If you’re ready to take Facebook advertising to the next level, AUDIENCE CONNECTOR IS A NO-BRAINER.



How It Works

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FreshAddress Audience Connector is helping leading brands grow their custom audiences by up to 30%. Here’s the 4-step process:

Step 1:

Conduct initial matching of your file against our proprietary, opted-in database of over 835MM records and the licensed data of our carefully vetted partners.

Step 2:

Select all available email address matches, improving Facebook custom audience match rates by 30%.

Step 3:

Optimize and clean the email address results.

Step 4:

Upload your file to Facebook and set up a custom audience with a typical 20-40% match rate for postal lists and 15-30% match rate for email lists.

The FreshAddress Difference

  • Unique offering – FreshAddress’ consumer knowledge base of over 835MM records and the licensed data of our carefully vetted partners results in the highest possible match rates to your target audience’s Facebook accounts.
  • US Patent Holder – We are the original developer and U.S. patent holder of Email Change of Address (ECOA) technology. Our methodologies are now protected by five patents.
  • A True ECOA Service. – In 1998, we acquired from ReturnPath the only other legally operating consumer service for people who changed their email address. This combined opt-in email change directory is the foundation of our process and the pre-requisite for a true ECOA service.
  • Trusted email address experts – Our clients’ glowing reviews speak for our integrity and industry-leading know-how.