Postal Appending

Unlock the true potential of your database!

Postal data is the key to unlocking new target markets, enabling multi-channel communication, and completing customer data profiles. We can help you add postal addresses for 30-60+% of your database.

Empower your data by filling in the blanks!

Our principled approach to postal appending sets us apart from the pack.


Clean your updated matches using our best in class, SafeToSend validation.


Match your file against our extensive 2B postal database along with USPS confirmation.


Deliver a file with NCOA QC’d and standardized postal addresses for your use.

Adding your customer’s postal records to your database will allow you to:

  • Generate more business by creating valuable multi-channel relationships
  • Segment email contacts by location and market to them through direct mail
  • Reach customers and prospects with items they can touch via mail
  • Complete your customer data puzzle to facilitate more personalized marketing for the best possible ROI

Postal Append Service Options

Leverage the insights of a dedicated project manager and expert data engineers.

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Standard Postal Append Service, managed by FreshAddress, works to process your files for you. Upon completion of the project, you will receive a file of cleaned, matched and quality controlled postal addresses for your contacts.


FreshAddress’s Automated Postal Append (also known as Reverse Append) is available 24x7x365 for your existing file as well as new-to-file records so you can perform omnichannel marketing right away – even if all you collected upon signup was an email address.

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