Newton, MA---Woolrich, Inc., the Original Outdoor Clothing Company now celebrating its 180th anniversary, has seen many customers come and go during its unique lifespan. Despite utilizing a multitude of twenty-first century communication channels, however, staying in touch with today’s increasingly mobile customer base had become a significant test.

The Challenge

After several years of ongoing email marketing programs, Woolrich, Inc. had a growing number of invalid and inactive email addresses in its database. With its customers constantly changing their email addresses, Woolrich was finding it difficult to stay connected with its loyal base through email. Given its long history with these customers, Internet Marketing Manager David May felt strongly that Woolrich could continue to build on this bond if they could reconnect with these former patrons.

Another reason for May’s concern -- beside the fact that Woolrich was losing potential sales by not staying in contact with past customers – was his awareness that inactive email addresses were beginning to affect his email reputation with the leading ISPs.

The Solution

May decided that an ECOA (Email Change of Address) service would efficiently and successfully resolve this dilemma so he contacted FreshAddress, the original developers and patent holders of ECOA technology. Woolrich contracted FreshAddress to perform an ECOA project to locate his customers’ current preferred email addresses, confirm deliverability of the updated email addresses, and ensure his customers’ interest in re-engaging with Woolrich through email. Based on Woolrich’s prior successful experience working with FreshAddress on email append projects, May felt FreshAddress’s expertise, care, and experience working with clients to help them clean and update their email databases was second to none.

Building an active and productive email list is one of the most difficult tasks in the world of ecommerce. Building a list is easy; building a list that produces sales is not.

--- David May, Internet Marketing Manager, Woolrich, Inc.

Results and Benefits

On an input file of approximately 245,000 bouncing/inactive/invalid email addresses, FreshAddress achieved a match rate of over 14% on its initial project. By updating over 28,000 records with accurate, guaranteed deliverable email addresses, FreshAddress was able to help Woolrich reconnect with these lost customers.

Woolrich’s initial email contact resulted in a 10% open rate, with additional opens realized through subsequent emails, enabling Woolrich to win back many former buyers. Furthermore, Woolrich was able to achieve additional sales from its “new” customers, which more than justified the cost of the ECOA service.

FreshAddress has proven itself to be a wonderful partner in our quest to reach more people via email. Its ECOA service continues to play an important role in our email list maintenance and growth initiatives.

--- David May, Internet Marketing Manager, Woolrich, Inc.

About Woolrich:

Woolrich Inc., the Original Outdoor Clothing Company, is an authentic American brand that embraces an outdoor lifestyle. Trusted since 1830 by generations of loyal consumers, Woolrich continues its tradition of providing quality products for today’s outdoor enthusiast. A brand recognized worldwide, Woolrich product offerings include functional, comfortable and durable men’s and women’s sportswear and outerwear using innovative fabrications for the ultimate in performance capabilities, well-designed home and outdoor living products, and licensed accessory products. In 2010, Woolrich celebrates its180th Anniversary. It is the original and longest continuously-operating outdoor apparel manufacturer and woolen mill in the United States.