Newton, MA - September 10, 2012 - Is it possible to predict exactly when a company will process its three billionth email address? A $3,000 scholarship will be awarded to the individual or team who comes the closest to figuring it out.

Even the owners of FreshAddress, Inc., a leading email database services provider and sponsor of the competition, don’t know when the big moment will hit at their firm. All they can say is that the guestimate is sometime during the month of September or October. A lucky entrant or team who devises the successful predictive model that comes the closest to calculating when the Newton, Massachusetts-based firm will reach this milestone without going past the actual time will win.

Interested parties may get more information and enter the competition at, where you will see three months’ history of email address processing data. Then you will be left to your own devices to figure out the exact time when FreshAddress will hit 3,000,000,000 email addresses processed.

Given the variability in the number of records FA processes on a monthly basis, which typically ranges from 25 million to 150+ million, accurately predicting the timing of the 3 billionth record processed is almost as difficult as developing mathematical strategies to consistently beat casinos at the game of blackjack. That’s why FreshAddress’s CEO, Bill Kaplan, the former founder and leader of the MIT Blackjack Team, which gained notoriety in the smash movie, 21, and the best-selling novel,Bringing Down the House, thought the 3 Billion Competition would make for an interesting challenge.

“Comprehensive statistical and regression analyses are critical inputs to the development and optimization of successful marketing strategies,” said Kaplan. “Encouraging individuals to practice and hone their analytical skills, in the hopes of winning a $3,000 prize, helps keep the focus on watching ‘every card that is dealt your way.’”.

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