's private and powerful free utility enables permanent searches for people's current preferred email addresses, their FreshAddresses

ARLINGTON, MA, (October 20, 2000) -, the Free Email Address Registry, is announcing the launch of PermaFindTM, a powerful, new, and free utility that enables its members to set a permanent search on the email address of a person they are seeking. This unique tool monitors's rapidly expanding database of completely self-registered and up-to-date email addresses until such time as that email address is registered. Once found, the website instantly sends an email with the appropriate contact information, subject to the member's chosen privacy policy, to the original searcher. This free service eliminates the wasted time and inconvenience of constantly having to search for someone's new email address.

Coupled with its unique, patent-pending technology that provides the missing link between old and new email addresses, this new tool will further's goal to become the most reliable and private worldwide source for finding people's current preferred email addresses, their FreshAddresses. Prior to, no effective means existed for people to keep track of the ever-changing email addresses of their friends, business contacts and leads, and family members. Web-based people search sites require users to wade through dozens of entries only to find unreliable and often out-of-date contact information. Meanwhile, the email addresses provided by permanent email address services and forwarding systems are rarely used as one's preferred email address, thereby making their functionality of little value.

As people change homes, jobs, schools, ISPs or their web-based email accounts, it can be next to impossible to stay in touch with them. Email helps but only if you know their current preferred email addresses, their FreshAddressesTM. The costs in terms of time, lost marketing dollars, and foregone revenues are enormous, and, until now, there was no easy solution. With over 25% of email addresses going stale each year due to the proliferation of new email accounts, the ability to reconnect electronically is a priority for both individuals and businesses.'s unique technology platform, which provides the missing link between old and new email addresses, coupled with its PermaFindTM service solves this problem once and for all.