Newton, MA (March 4, 2011) – LifeScript, one of the largest independent health publishers was founded in 1999 as a single product company selling customized vitamin plans. Today the site receives over 7 million monthly visits and has a newsletter subscriber base of over 5 million members.

The Challenge

To subscribe to one of LifeScript’s six newsletters, consumers must opt-in with their email addresses. Despite its valuable content offerings, however, LifeScript still found a significant percentage of users were inputting typos, invalid or bogus email addresses, thereby limiting its ability to communicate with these would-be readers. Furthermore, the suspect and problematic email address registrations were impacting LifeScript’s overall email deliverability and its reputation with its advertisers.

The Solution

In order to keep faulty email addresses out of its marketing database while correcting inadvertent entry errors, LifeScript decided to utilize FreshAddress’s email hygiene and correction service. This technology not only blocks fraudulent email address registrations but also provides corrections (in real-time or automated batch processing) for syntax, typo, formatting, misspelling, and top level domain errors.

According to research conducted by email database services provider, FreshAddress, bad email addresses are registered between 2% – 20% of the time. Now, before an email address can enter LifeScript’s database, FreshAddress’s email technology performs 20+ validation and correction processes on the registrations, which include checking every email address against over 9 million domains to confirm the validity of the domains and associated MX records. This reduces the marketing costs associated with bouncing emails while enabling LifeScript and its advertisers to reconnect with lost customers and maximize their deliverability and response rates.

We’ve been using FreshAddress’s hygiene and correction services for more than two years to block, validate, and correct over 26 million email registrations. The ROI on this service is tremendous as it enables us to deliver more high quality impressions to our online advertisers while minimizing email deliverability issues for everyone.

--- Jack Hogan, Chief Technical Officer LifeScript

The Results

Since FreshAddress’s email hygiene and correction service catches and corrects invalid and problematic email entries BEFORE they enter a client’s website, LifeScript is able to avoid wasting future marketing dollars and effort on updating or purging its database after the fact. With thousands of email addresses registered on its site each day, this results in significant savings that drop directly to the bottom line.

LifeScript received monthly reports on activity and filtering on 26 million emails checked over the past two years. Of that number, over 345,000 invalid email addresses were caught by FreshAddress, and 49.3% of those were corrected using email hygiene, thereby restoring nearly 175,000 customer relationships for LifeScript.

Through an analysis of the program, LifeScript found FreshAddress’s email hygiene and correction services to be invaluable. Using these programs to clean its database, LifeScript was able to block or correct its email address registrations, thereby avoiding costly deliverability and blocking issues prior to entering these addresses into its marketing subscriber database. Equally important, LifeScript is able to reconnect with potential subscribers they would have otherwise lost and avoid any ill will due to a customer’s unwitting entry error resulting in LifeScript’s broken promise.

Our advertisers rely on us to generate the freshest, most qualified health oriented consumers in the industry. Working with FreshAddress, the Email Address Experts, enables us to optimize our marketing dollars and provide our advertisers with the quality and performance they demand.

--- Jack Hogan, Chief Technical Officer LifeScript

About LifeScript

LifeScript , one of the largest independent health publishers was founded in 1999 as a single-product company selling customized vitamin plans. Today the site receives over 7 million monthly visits and has a newsletter subscriber base of over 5 million members. In 2005, LifeScript shifted its business model to take advantage of the growth in online advertising and its growing subscriber base. In late 2008, the company launched LifeScript 2.0. Unlike its online health competitors, LifeScript is the only site focusing exclusively on women’s health in a voice that resonates with its core audience. This unique approach has helped the company form a close bond with its audience, primarily women ages 30-50 who are proactively seeking healthy lifestyle information.