NEWTON, MA --- InterMedia Outdoors (“the Outdoor Group”) is the premier outdoor sports-oriented media group in the United States, serving the interests of 80 million devoted sportsmen.

The Challenge

Under the auspices of parent company Primedia Enthusiast Media Group, the Outdoor Group had the ability to market its products to a huge subscriber base, including 60+ magazines and websites outside of its group. However, once the Outdoor Group was purchased by InterMedia Partners, they were given only 6 months to continue utilizing Primedia’s entire circulation base before needing to transition its existing systems and processes. Given the substantial decline in its marketing universe as a result of the acquisition (in the end, the company had email records for less than 10% of its postal list), one of the Outdoor Group’s first priorities was to grow its email database in order to more cost-effectively and efficiently market to its existing subscribers. After researching alternatives, the company concluded that performing an email append would most quickly yield the results it was looking for.

During the vendor research process, the Outdoor Group contacted a handful of trusted sources, including former Primedia colleagues and other industry insiders. Vendor reputation was critically important to the Outdoor Group, as some of its products could be regarded as unconventional, and because its marketing processes needed to be treated delicately so as to avoid any potential backlash from people not wanting to receive email communications from the “new” company.

“Many of the folks we contacted recommended FreshAddress as one of the most reputable and highly-regarded providers of B2C email database building services on the market today,” explained Jordan Goldberg, Consumer Marketing Manager, Internet. “The process that FreshAddress offered provided us with the cautious and calculated course of action that we were looking to pursue.”

The Solution

The Outdoor Media Group contracted FreshAddress to perform an individual B2C email append using a custom-branded permission message for each of the publications. And in conformance with state law and best practices, FreshAddress ran Utah and Michigan Child Protection Law suppressions against the lists of applicable publications.

“FreshAddress’s practice of verifying that each and every future recipient of the Outdoor Group’s marketing communications was fully aware of the information they would receive met and exceeded our standards for such a precise undertaking,” stated Goldberg.

FreshAddress returned to the Outdoor Group a file of fully-opted-in, deliverable email addresses of specific individuals that were ready and willing to accept the company’s array of email offers and incentives, including special subscriptions or gifts, product discounts, newsletters, events, surveys, etc.

The Outdoor Group can now communicate with more subscribers less expensively and with quicker turnaround and better response rates than they could by sending traditional snail mail. In addition, the company improved the effectiveness of its multi-channel marketing initiatives by sending emails to inform subscribers of special new business, gifts, or renewal offers that they would also be receiving by mail, thereby generating a significant increase in both subscription revenues and returns for advertisers.

Furthermore, the append process allowed the Outdoor Group to renegotiate its contract with its email service provider – since the company would be deploying an additional 7MM-8MM emails each year, they were able to achieve a lower CPM with this increase in volume – from $2.80/M down to $2.00/M. This saved the Outdoor Group over $20,000 alone while benefiting its email service provider as well.

When measuring the success of your email appending projects, don’t forget to measure the by-products. Not only were we able to increase revenues for us and our advertisers, but we also save money now by communicating with subscribers via email and by taking advantage of a lower CPM with our ESP due to the higher volume of email we were sending.

--- Jordan Goldberg, Consumer Marketing Manager, Internet

About Intermedia Outdoors:

InterMedia Outdoors (“the Outdoor Group”) is the premier outdoor sports-oriented media group in the United States, serving the interests of 80 million devoted sportsmen. Consisting of 15 hunting, fishing and shooting magazines, the market’s leading online/digital network, 200+ hours of television programming, 3 syndicated radio shows, a variety of consumer events, and a television network (Sportsman Channel), the company provides direct access to outdoor sports enthusiasts through content that engages, inspires and motivates their primary passion – the outdoors sporting lifestyle