offers the solution for people forced to change email addresses due to merged or closed ISPs

NEWTON, MA, (March 27, 2001) - Recently, officially acquired As a result, all 53,000 customers will lose their email addresses and be given new addresses. Soon thereafter, email sent to the cancelled addresses will be bounced back to the senders, who will often be at a loss to find their friends' new addresses. Just imagine the number of bounced email messages that will ensue and the number of contacts that will be lost.

Former customers are not the only people forced to wrestle with this problem. The issue is becoming more and more prevalent as ISPs and Email Service Providers merge their companies or shut their doors. A similar fate befell subscribers last year, who were moved to IBM's note to customers when this took place was as follows, "Effective October 1, 2000, you will no longer be able to receive any mail addressed to your e-mail address. All mail sent to your e-mail address will be returned to sender after October 1, 2000. Please provide notification of your new e-mail address to all of your correspondents."

Fortunately, a solution to this formerly intractable problem now exists. < >, the Free Email Address Registry and Change of Email Address ServiceTM, helps people and businesses stay connected when email addresses change. This free and confidential worldwide service allows people to register their old and new email addresses and provides the "missing link" between the two. Search on someone's old email address and will provide you with that person's current preferred address, his/her FreshAddress, subject to the person's chosen privacy level. The site further enables people to easily inform their friends and other desired parties of an email address change as well as allows them to search for a lost contact's new email address.

"It is ironic that one of the world's greatest communication mediums, the Internet, only seems to be spreading people further apart. At the pace people change homes, jobs, schools, ISPs or their preferred email accounts today, it can be next to impossible to stay in touch with them," states CEO Bill Kaplan. He added, "The rapid consolidation within the Internet industry, as evidenced by the growing rate of mergers and shutdowns, is further exacerbating this problem."

Fortunately now provides a simple and effective solution to easily inform desired parties of an email address change as well as "bounce-proof" one's own email communications. Next time you change your preferred email address or get a message bounced back to you, let come to the rescue!