NEWTON, MA ---, a maker of specialty products and services with a focus on motivation and inspiration, is a 25 year leader in the business recognition industry.

The Challenge

Although Successories had a large and deep B2B customer file, its database contained very few email addresses. Looking to reconnect with former customers through the e-commerce channel, Successories realized it needed to enhance its file with email touch points. The new email addresses would be used not only for future promotional email campaigns but also to facilitate transaction confirmations and multi-channel marketing initiatives.

The Solution

Successories decided that a B2B Email Append, whereby email addresses are attached to the existing postal address file, would be the optimal way to grow its email database in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

In selecting a partner to help them perform this service, Successories screened providers against the following criteria:

  • Integrity, expertise, and experience
  • Data security
  • Sophistication of matching methodology
  • Suppression processes

After an extensive due diligence process, Successories selected FreshAddress to perform the B2B Email Append. As an integral part of its service, FreshAddress deploys a confirmation email to all matches on behalf of its clients to confirm deliverability of the new email addresses and ensure permission.

In August 2009, Successories submitted its 0-36 months B2B postal database to FreshAddress with the expectation of an 8 – 12% match rate and click-through and open rates resulting in an Average Order Value ($AOV) of 50% of its existing customers’ $AOV.

Results and Benefits

FreshAddress’s B2B Append surpassed’s expectations. Upon completion of the service, Successories was pleasantly surprised by the >20% match rate of guaranteed deliverable email addresses returned.

Following FreshAddress’s advice,’s first email deployed was a re-introduction campaign to the newly appended email addresses. Rather than peppering the list with promotional emails, Successories strove to rebuild its relationships with these former customers while continually giving them the control to opt out. After developing these new prospects, the addresses were added to its house list.

While the high match rate achieved by FreshAddress exceeded’s expectations, the metrics and ROI of the ensuing campaigns revealed the true success of the B2B Append:

  • Open rates 31% higher than those associated with its house list; moving forward, these have held at 20% higher
  • 15% higher click-through rates
  • Higher Average Order Value on orders from the newly appended email addresses
  • Ongoing conversion rates more than 11% higher than its house file
  • Less than 5% attrition (unsubscribe) rate
I believe that the quality data we received is in large part due to the sophisticated methodology and comprehensive filtering processes that FreshAddress utilizes. They take your data and go very deep to find those one-to-one relationships that make all the difference in the world, especially in the B2B world.

-- Eric Archuleta, CMO

In its final analysis of the program, Successories found the B2B Email Append service invaluable as it allowed them to re-engage with customers who were previously being underserved due to the high costs of other communication channels. FreshAddress’s email append also proved to be a cost-effective solution for monetizing these past customer relationships. With its newly appended email addresses, Successories was able to build new email relationships and leverage these through its multi-channel marketing program as well as through its social media channels.

Getting these email addresses has been an integral part of reinventing this brand and communicating with our customers.

-- Eric Archuleta, CMO

About Successories

Acquired in 2008, by TWS Partnership, Successories is a 25 year old industry leader for inspirational and motivational products. Founded in 1985 in Aurora, Illinois, Successories started as a catalog featuring motivational and recognition items targeted primarily at businesses. Since then, the company has steadily grown to a multi-faceted brand with over 10 million business and consumer customers. The first Successories retail store opened in 1991 with the website launching in 2000.