Newton, MA, (September 14, 2021) – FreshAddress, the leader in email data hygiene and analytics, recently launched its Automated Email Change Of Address service (Auto ECOA), which enables retailers, nonprofits, and other leading marketing companies to re-engage with 20% or more of the bouncing and inactive email addresses within their customer files.

FreshAddress’s patented Email Change of Address (ECOA) Registry and Service allows individuals to register their old and new email addresses (i.e. change pairs), helping friends and trusted companies reconnect with otherwise lost relationships.

Today’s marketers are dealing with increasing numbers of inactive/nonresponsive customers, leading to continuous churn in their databases and negative impact to their marketing ROI. That’s where Automated Email Change Of Address (Auto ECOA) can help!  Auto ECOA is FreshAddress’s on-demand solution to combat email database attrition, which allows marketers to re-engage with customers lost to dead email addresses. Just sign up, load your bouncing and inactive customer email addresses into our Client Portal, and your guaranteed, deliverable SafeToSend email address updates are returned to you in a matter of hours.

Companies pay billions of dollars to gain new customers but roughly 30+% of email addresses are lost due to normal annual attrition. According to HubSpot, email addresses become inactive or bounce due to job changes, switching internet service providers, the creation of new email addresses due to increased spam, and the increasing prevalence of customer registrations using secondary or temporary email addresses. Now more than ever, companies need to clean, protect, and update their in-house 1st party client data.

FreshAddress offers unparalleled match rates and data accuracy due to its proprietary internal database of over 450MM change pairs (i.e. old/new email address pairs) coupled with our exclusive SafeToSend hygiene and double scrubbing process. The bottom line? With current and deliverable customer email data, companies can increase their customer retention rates, ensure transactional information delivery, drive ROI, and increase their revenues.

How does Auto ECOA it work? 

    1. CLEAN – FreshAddress cleans your file using its SafeToSend service to remove problematic addresses as well as identify and correct typos, formatting problems, syntax errors, and dead domains.
    2. MATCH – It then matches your cleaned file against its proprietary, opted-in change-pair database (450MM) and those of its carefully vetted partners.
    3. ANALYZE – Finally, it cleans and updates the matches, weeding out any emails that are not SafeToSend.
    4. DELIVER – All ECOA results are guaranteed deliverable.