12 Months of E-mail Change of Address Service (ECOA) Included in Price

NEWTON, MA, (September 17th, 2002) - FreshAddress, Inc., the Internet's leading e-mail change of address (ECOA) service, announced today the availability of FreshAppend Deluxe, the industry's first e-mail appending service that includes 12 months of free ECOA services. For the price of a first class stamp or less, FreshAddress Email Append is designed to enable marketers to seamlessly build their e-mail address databases AND keep them fresh. FreshAddress utilizes an opt-in database of over 100 million records and strictly conforms to the guidelines set forth by the DMA's Council for Responsible E-mail, which FreshAddress Inc. CEO, Bill Kaplan, sits on. Charges are based solely on freshly tested and deliverable email addresses, excluding customers who choose to opt out from receiving your messages.

"Why would you look to do business with another appending company if your investment was not going to be maintained and protected over the next year?" asked Michael F. Murphy, Vice President of Sales of FreshAddress, Inc. "Investing in e-mail appending is like buying a new car. As soon as you purchase it, it begins to depreciate. Our bundled ECOA services are like the warranty on your car and help you protect your marketing investment."

For list owners and email marketers looking to build and maximize the value of their email databases, email appending is only one half of the solution. With over 30% of Internet users changing their email addresses each year, the second half of the solution is ensuring that the list is kept fresh and up-to-date. For companies that are looking to utilize email for billing, marketing, customer service or customer retention, ignoring the cost of e-mail churn is an extremely expensive lesson to learn.

"We have found that some of our clients and interested prospects are just beginning to focus on building substantial email lists. Our e-mail appending services now enable us to assist these customers at an earlier stage of their marketing cycle," said Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress, Inc. "E-mail appending and ECOA are a natural fit, like bread and butter or steak and potatoes. If you buy the first, you would be crazy not to use the other. By assisting our clients not only in building their e-mail lists but also in keeping them current, we now provide the complete and affordable solution for their email database needs."