System Helps People and Businesses Stay Connected When Email Addresses Change

NEWTON, MA, (January 14, 2004) - The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently granted patent 6,654,789 to FreshAddress, Inc. for its technology invention, a "System for Storing and Retrieving Old and New Electronic Identifiers." The patent covers the email change of address (ECOA) service the company offers to help its business clients keep their email address databases up-to-date.

"With thousands of corporate lists processed to date, we are pleased to further strengthen our arsenal of offerings for our clients and reselling partners," said Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress, Inc. "Our ECOA service is an absolute must for any company with an online presence, and we are thrilled to have been issued a US Patent that covers both our business and underlying consumer services."

Using the free services of, visitors can search for the updated email addresses for lost contacts as well as register their former and current email addresses to help them stay connected with their personal and business contacts. FreshAddress, Inc. has been continuously serving consumers since 1999.

Massachusetts inventors Austin Bliss of Somerville, Bill Kaplan of Newton, and Robert Mack & Mark Rosenstein of Cambridge originally filed with the patent office back in the summer of 1999.