NEWTON, MA (March 12, 2002) - FreshAddress, Inc., the Internet's leading email list cleaning and Change of Email Address service, today announced its service partnership with Dunhill International List Company. Dunhill is the largest compiler of specialized lists in America. maintains the Internet's largest linked directory of old and current email addresses.

"We are excited to be working with FreshAddress, Inc. to help us extend our expertise and reputation in the email list management and brokerage industry," said James DiStefano, CIO of Dunhill. "FreshAddress, Inc.'s unique services and unparalleled commitment to ensure the quality of our lists will be instrumental in helping us achieve the highest accuracy rate possible on all of our lists."

Dunhill's Email list Management Division manages branded and general interest files, servicing requests from list brokers and Email marketers. The company has also created a new online catalog, which provides opt-in email lists for clients to view by category.

"Our email list hygiene and ECOA (Email Change of Address) services will enable Dunhill and its clients to ensure their deliverable email lists remain accurate, secure and bounce-proof," said Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress, Inc. "Quality attracts quality, and it's always a pleasure to work with a partner who shares a similar commitment to customer service, professionalism, and ethical practices in everything they do."

Services FreshAddress, Inc. will be offering Dunhill include NCOA for EmailTM, a Change of Email Address Service similar to the U.S. Post Office's National Change of Address service. In addition, FreshAddress, Inc.'s FreshList Service identifies invalid, duplicate, and bouncing addresses in a company's email list and provides corrections for syntax, typographical, formatting, top level and "dead" domain errors, thereby enabling Dunhill and its clients to reconnect with lost customers.

About Dunhill International List Co.

Dunhill International List Co. is the nation's largest compiler of specialty mailing, telemarketing and opt-in Email Lists, providing 20,000 different business and consumer list categories. The business database contains over 11 million businesses selectable by employee size, SIC code, chief contact and telephone numbers. The consumer database contains over 250 million individuals selectable by a wide array of demographic and psychographic criteria. Established in 1938, Dunhill International is family owned and operated and is a member of The Direct Marketing Association. For more information on Dunhill's list offerings, visit