Services to Extend Nonprofits' Reach to Existing Donor Base

NEWTON, MA, (September 6, 2005) - FreshAddress, Inc., a leading email services provider, announced today it will offer free services to nonprofit organizations involved with the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. The donation will include both Email Appending and FreshAddress, Inc.'s patented Email Change of Address (ECOA) solutions, and will provide updated email addresses for the donor lists of qualifying organizations.

"We're thrilled to help organizations maximize donations for the relief efforts," said Austin C. Bliss, President of FreshAddress, Inc. "By leveraging our services, we believe nonprofits will be able to raise millions in additional funds to help those who have suffered the aftermath of our nation's greatest natural disaster."

FreshAddress, Inc. will offer expedited five-day turnaround time on these projects to meet the urgent needs of affected parties.

To take advantage of this offer, interested nonprofits should contact FreshAddress, Inc. via any of the methods listed below.