Offers $25,000 Giveaway to Email Marketers and List Owners

NEWTON, MA (November 7, 2001) - FreshAddress, Inc., the Internet's leading email list cleaning and ECOA (Email Change of Address) service, left no tables unturned as it swept through last week's successful Direct Marketing Association (DMA) annual gathering in Chicago. Wearing navy blue janitor's outfits embroidered with "Email List Cleaning and Updating," FreshAddress, Inc.'s staff transformed their Exhibit booth into a janitor's break room and promoted FreshAddress, Inc.'s services to the tune of $25,000 in free email list cleaning and updating prizes.

The FreshAddress, Inc. booth was outfitted with all of the necessary email list cleaning supplies, including FreshAddress Email Polish (to keep your lists shiny), FreshAddress Email Bleach (to brighten your lists), and FreshAddress Brooms and Dust Pans (to dust off your old email addresses).

"Given the terrible events of the last few months coupled with the resultant malaise in both the economy and the email marketing industry, we felt it was important to add some lightheartedness to help boost everyone's spirits," said Austin Bliss, president of FreshAddress, Inc. "The energy at the show was incredible and the response to our exhibit and Giveaway could not have been better with hundreds of prospective clients and partners inquiring about our services."

Similar to the U.S. Post Office's NCOA (National Change of Address) service, FreshAddress, Inc's Change of Email Address Service enables companies to seamlessly update their lists with new email addresses registered at or through any Network Member sites, subject to each individual's permission. In addition to its ECOA service, FreshAddress's FreshList analyzes a company's email list, identifies invalid and bouncing addresses, and provides corrections for most syntax, typographical, formatting, top level and "dead" domain errors, thereby again enabling clients to reconnect with lost customers and reduce their undeliverables.

"We are pleased that our prudent strategy of carefully developing our technology and service before aggressively marketing it to the industry has been so welcomed and valued by the marketplace," stated Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress, Inc. "The DMA show witnessed our remaining competitor clutch its final lifeline while still hoping that the classic hype and partnership handshakes of the Internet go-go days would see it through. We are confident that the immediate availability of our pay-for-performance service, our proven track record with both businesses and consumers, and our unsurpassed directory of old and new email addresses will provide the email marketing industry with the solution it desperately needs."