Will Not Only Match Any Competitor's Price, But Will Beat It by 10%

NEWTON, MA, (July 23, 2002) - FreshAddress, Inc., the Internet's leading e-mail change of address (ECOA) service, today announced at the NCDM (National Center for Database Marketing) Summer 2002 Show in Philadelphia, PA that they will offer an ECOA industry first, a price savings guarantee on its patent-pending Email Change of Address ServiceTM. Similar to the U.S. Post Office's NCOA (National Change of Address) service, the FreshAddress NCOA For E-mail service enables companies to seamlessly update their e-mail lists based on e-mail address changes made through any FreshAddress client or directly at FreshAddress.com, subject to each individual member's permission.

By joining the FreshAddress Network, companies finally have a centralized technology platform and a set of tools to eliminate and/or resolve invalid addresses, recover members "lost" to dead addresses, and realize the full revenue potential locked in their customer databases.

"As the original developer of e-mail change of address (ECOA) services, we continue to set the standard of excellence in the growing ECOA industry," said Michael F. Murphy, Vice President of Sales of FreshAddress, Inc. "We are pleased that our list processing volume, over 3500 lists freshened to date, now enables us to provide these services at a price that allows us not only to match any ECOA competitor's price quote, but to beat it by 10%!"

As part of its NCOA For E-mail service, FreshAddress also analyzes the e-mail addresses in a company's e-mail list and provides corrections for duplicates, syntax, typographical, formatting, top-level domain and "dead" domain errors. This technology does not just clean lists of faulty addresses but actually provides corrections for these invalid e-mail addresses, enabling companies to reconnect with lost customers.

To run a free NCOA For E-mail analysis of your list and take advantage of this offer, simply contact your sales representative or e-mail us at sales@freshaddress.com