Partnership will help companies increase the size, deliverability and ROI of permission based email campaigns

NEWTON, MA, (June 17th, 2003) - FreshAddress, Inc., a leading provider of bundled Email Appending and NCOA For EmailTM services, announced a partnership today with Relevant Marketing, the leading provider of permission email communication technology and services in the sports, non-profit and entertainment markets.

"We are extremely excited to be working with FreshAddress, Inc. to provide their unique 'Build & Update' email list services to our growing stable of clients," stated Deb Kramer, Relevant Marketing President & CEO. "By combining our email campaign platform with FreshAddress, Inc.'s Email Appending, Real-Time Email Address Validation, Email Change of Address (ECOA) and List Hygiene services, our clients' permission based email campaigns will be able to realize the highest possible response rates and ROI."

The largest challenge facing email marketers today is maximizing the revenue potential of their databases. To be successful in this effort, companies need to be able to expand their email lists cost-effectively, ensure their messages are being delivered, and persuade their readers to take action.

"Our partnership with Relevant Marketing will now enable our sales force to develop a much more consultative approach with our clients," stated Michael F. Murphy, FreshAddress Inc. Vice President of Sales. "By having our clients utilize Relevant Marketing's email campaign platform, we are now in a position to not only 'Build and Update' their permission based email address databases, but will also be able to provide them with the tools to drive their conversion rates."

About Relevant Marketing

Relevant Marketing is the leading provider of permission email communication services and technology in the Sports, Non-Profit and Entertainment markets. Relevant leverages current and emerging technologies, both online and offline, to help its clients build deeper relationships with their fans, patrons and customers. Relevant Marketing is a privately held company based in Dallas, Texas. To find out more about Relevant Marketing permission-based communications, visit or email