Free Service Helps People Stay Connected When Email Addresses Change

NEWTON, MA, (March 4, 2002) - As of March 15, 2002, and email addresses and personal webpages will no longer be available. Approximately 630,000 AT&T users are being affected by this forced change. While AT&T will be providing forwarding services for old email accounts, this forwarding service will also be shut down as of March 15, 2002, thereby leaving one's contacts with no easy way to stay in touch. These and members are faced with the challenge of ensuring that all of their friends, family, and business contacts are aware of their new email addresses.

Fortunately,, the Free Change of Email Address RegistryTM, provides the antidote to this vexing problem. This worldwide Internet website helps people and businesses stay connected when email addresses change by allowing members to confidentially register their old and new email addresses, and providing the "missing link" between the two. Search on someone's old email address and will provide you with that person's current preferred address, his/her FreshAddress, subject to the person's chosen privacy level.

The service has helped centralize email address changes for millions of individuals, similar to the way the U.S. Postal Service centralizes physical address changes. Given the volatility in the Internet market over the past year, changes in Internet service providers and email accounts have been occurring at an accelerating rate. In addition to the changeover, other major recent email account switches include 100,000+ subscribers to AT&T, 53,000 users to Earthlink, 4.1 million Excite@home users to over 10 ISPs, 250,000+ users to countless providers, and 400,000 Altavista users to other services.

"With email rapidly becoming the preferred means of communication for many individuals, being forced to change one's email address is both frustrating and costly," said Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress, Inc. "I'm happy our free and confidential registry service can ease the transition for the millions of users being confronted with these ISP changes. Our unique website is the perfect centralized solution for all users changing their email addresses, adding additional ones, or searching for lost contacts."