offers free solution for real estate brokers to reconnect with clients and prospects lost to dead email addresses

NEWTON, MA, (July 3, 2001) - According to a recent study by NFO Research, nearly one out of every three people changes his/her email address each year, making it almost impossible to stay in touch with one's business contacts, the lifeline of every good real estate broker's business. Job changes, merged ISPs, moving homes, and new email providers- these are but a few of the reasons email addresses are proliferating at an alarming rate. Sophisticated real estate brokers have come to realize the power of the Internet to cheaply and efficiently market properties and maintain contact with clients and prospects. Unfortunately, every time you think you have mastered the art of email marketing, those dreaded "bounced" emails keep showing up in your inbox. The net result? Your lost contact just became someone else's best client.

Fortunately, a solution to this formerly intractable problem now exists. < >, the Free Email Address Registry and Change of Email Address Service(tm), helps people and businesses stay connected when email addresses change. This free and confidential worldwide service allows people to register their old and new email addresses and provides the "missing link" between the two. Search on someone's old email address and will provide you with that person's current preferred address, his/her FreshAddress, subject to the person's chosen privacy level. The site further enables people to easily inform their friends and other desired parties of an email address change as well as allows them to search for a lost contact's new email address.

"It is ironic that one of the world's greatest communication mediums, the Internet, only seems to be spreading people further apart. At the pace people change homes, jobs, schools, ISPs and their preferred email accounts today, it can be next to impossible to stay in touch with them," stated CEO Bill Kaplan. He added, "The rapid consolidation within the Internet industry, as evidenced by the growing rate of mergers and shutdowns, is further exacerbating this problem."

Fortunately now provides a simple and effective solution to easily inform desired parties of an email address change as well as "bounce-proof" one's own email communications. Next time you change your preferred email address or get a message bounced back to you, let come to the rescue!