NEWTON, MA, (September 26, 2001) - FreshAddress, Inc., the Internet's leading free email address registry and change of email address service, today announced that, for a limited time, it will offer a free software plug-in for Majordomo, version 1. The code will allow businesses to seamlessly connect the lists that it manages to's FreshList and ECOA (email change of address) services.

More specifically, Majordomo can now be used to automatically flag, clean and resolve undeliverable email addresses, common typos, canceled and changed domains, and old and changed email addresses. List members of a particular business can easily change their email addresses for free via's secure web site, and those changes will then be reflected in that company's mailing list without interruption.

"'s new Majordomo plug-in makes it a snap to keep email lists up to date. I've just set it up on over fifteen different customer Majordomo mailing lists, and the return on investment has been astounding," said Mark Rosenstein, President of Active Window Productions. "The addition of the Majordomo plug-in makes the email freshening process even more efficient, and creates the most up-to-date lists for companies seeking to connect the right messages with the right customers at the right time."

"We're very pleased to offer this new plug-in feature to our growing list of freshening services," said Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress, Inc. "With the Majordomo plug-in, we're taking our change of address services to the next level by giving businesses an effortless way to scrub their databases clean to ensure the accuracy of every email address for every customer on their lists."

The 27KB Majordomo plug-in is built in two separate pieces. Once installed and configured, the first component formats and forwards Majordomo lists to for processing. The second component receives the cleaned lists and automatically integrates them back into Majordomo. Reports of the activity are then emailed to businesses.