Offers Members Even Greater Privacy Control

ARLINGTON, MA, (September 5, 2000) - FreshAddress, Inc., the Internet's leading free email address registry and change of email address service, today announced the launch of its "Extreme Protection" privacy option for members requiring additional confidentiality.

If a member registering for's service opts for Extreme Protection, will send that member an email whenever a visitor to the site searches for that member's current preferred address. will indicate who is trying to make contact, so that the member can decide on a case-by-case if they wish to respond.

"Especially as communication across the Internet continues to expand, we recognize that some of our members may wish to limit the number of people possessing their preferred email address. Extreme Protection enables these members to essentially 'screen' inquiries, offering an easy and practical solution that provides greater control over the availability of their email addresses," said Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress, Inc.

In addition to its new Extreme Protection option,, which is a member of the TRUSTe privacy seal program, also offers Optimal Protection to its members. When a registrant chooses Optimal Protection, will only release that member's preferred email address to searchers who already know that individual's name or one of that member's other email addresses.