Free Service Provides Missing Link Between Old and New Email Addresses

SOMERVILLE, MA, (November 1, 1999) - today announced the launch of its free service to help people stay connected when email addresses change.'s email address registry and change of email address service provides the missing link between an individual's old email addresses and that person's current preferred email address.

As people change homes, jobs, schools, Internet service providers or email accounts, it can be next to impossible to stay in touch with them.'s service enables individuals to register all of their old and current email addresses, and specify one as their current preferred email address - their FreshAddress. Then, when someone searches for any one of the individual's email addresses, the site will provide the searcher with that person's FreshAddress.

The site also provides an easy way to notify friends, family and associates of an email address change and offers them a centralized place to look if they ever lose touch. Registrants can come back to the site at any time to change their current preferred email address, update their account, or notify new contacts of their most current address.

"Our mission is to help people stay connected with friends and associates who have changed their email addresses by offering a centralized 'hub' where people can locate the individuals they've fallen out of touch with," said Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress, Inc. "As business relationships and friendships evolve over time,'s databases evolve as well. Now, staying in contact with the people outside your inner circle doesn't have to be a challenge."