SOMERVILLE, MA, (July 20, 1999) - FreshAddress, Inc. today announced it has filed a provisional patent for its free online email address registration and change of email address service, and has launched the beta version of its consumer web site, enables individuals to leverage the power of the Internet by offering a centralized technology platform that allows members to easily inform their friends, family, and contacts of an email address change. Using the free service via the web site, individuals can register all of their old and current email addresses and specify one as their current preferred email address. A search on of any one of an individual's email addresses will produce the most up-to-date email address for that individual.

"When people change jobs, schools, ISPs, or move to a new area, their email addresses often change as well. The introduction of's privacy-driven technology bridges the gap between old addresses and the current addresses that individuals use most often. In this way, relatives, friends, and professional colleagues across the globe can keep in touch simply and effortlessly," said Robert Mack, CTO and co-founder of FreshAddress, Inc.

"Sending out mass emails to large groups of people every time your email address changes can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. Instead, offers an invaluable solution that facilitates a seamless connection between individuals, regardless of email address changes," said Austin Bliss, President and co-founder of FreshAddress, Inc. "Our quick and easy three-step registration centralizes an individual's preferred point of contact, and enables members to return as often as necessary to update their most current address."