Service Helps Clients Bounce-proof their Email Communications

ARLINGTON, MA, (January 4, 2001) - FreshAddress, Inc., the Internet's leading free email address registry and change of email address service, today announced the launch of its Failsafe Address Recovery System. The recovery system complements the existing @CleanUp, Change of Email Address, and FreshAddress Network services to enable to retain the most current email address for each client's customers at all times.

The Failsafe Address Recovery System offers businesses three additional levels of protection to ensure that their customers keep their email addresses up-to-date:

  • When customers sign up either directly through the web site or through any affiliate FreshAddress Network site, sends those individuals periodic reminders to keep their accounts up-to-date.
  • If a customer neglects to inform or an affiliate in the Network about an email address change, messages and reconnects with that customer through the alternative working addresses the customer had provided during registration or account updates.
  • If a customer's working email address fails, utilizes the individual's self-registered network of friends who have been identified as always being able to reach the customer.

The System works in conjunction with @CleanUp, FreshAddress, Inc.'s patent-pending email list cleaning service. @CleanUp uses heuristic technology to correct faulty and invalid email addresses, catching both user typos as well as closed and merging domains.

"With nearly one-third of a typical company's database of email addresses going stale over the course of a year, it's imperative that companies maintain the most recent addresses so that valuable customers aren't lost," said Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress, Inc. "Our Failsafe Address Recovery System optimizes our centralized technology platform by actively reconnecting with customers who have changed addresses so that every business using our service can bounce-proof their email communications."