NEWTON, MA, (September 19, 2001) - FreshAddress, Inc., the Internet's leading email list cleaning and change of email address service, and eContacts, Inc., which provides email recovery and marketing automation solutions, today announced a strategic partnership. Under the agreement, and eContacts will market, promote, and resell each other's services to provide complete email database cleanup and updating, development, and marketing campaign support to their respective clients.

"For businesses that rely on email to market to and communicate with their customers, it's imperative that they have the freshest list available.'s services enable companies to bounce-proof their email communications and maximize the reach of each and every marketing campaign," said Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress, Inc. "Our partnership with eContacts will enable us to offer our clients an even more comprehensive set of services that will be integral to their email marketing initiatives."

"Recovering 'lost' email addresses and regularly updating email databases with the most current information is vital to every business that uses email as a primary way to market to their customers," said James Fedolfi, SVP of Marketing at eContacts, Inc.. "The services that eContacts and offer take the burden of email address list building and updating off of our clients, so they can concentrate on developing their messaging and branding, and strengthening their one-to-one relationships with customers."

About eContacts, Inc.

eContacts, Inc. delivers solutions that enable clients to easily locate the email addresses of customers and qualified leads, and append them to their databases. eContacts also delivers world class email-centric marketing automation solutions that stimulate the majority of interactions required for continuous customer relationship management. eContacts has offices in Boston and Dublin. More information can be found at