's new email address book continually updates, or freshens, old email addresses

ARLINGTON, MA - (November 8, 2000) -, the Free Email Address Registry and Change of Email Address ServiceTM, is announcing the launch of its FreshAddress Book, a free online utility that gives members a private, centralized location that automatically provides the updated email addresses of their registered friends and associates. This unique technology continuously monitors a rapidly expanding database of self-registered and up-to-date addresses for any changes and notes those changes in each person's private FreshAddress Book.

"Our FreshAddress Book is the natural extension to our patent pending technology that provides the missing link between old and new email addresses," said Bill Kaplan, CEO of FreshAddress. "Given the rate at which people change jobs, homes and ISPs today, it's nice to know there is finally an easy way to always stay in touch."

This new service, coupled with PermafindTM, a tool that enables permanent searches on a person's current email address, has made the most reliable worldwide source for finding people's preferred email addresses, their FreshAddresses. The site is easy to use, and requires no fees or software downloads. With more than 25% of all email addresses going stale each year, offers a free killer application enabling people to keep current in today’s fast paced Internet world.

With the proliferation of email addresses, keeping in easy touch with contacts has become next to impossible. The cost in terms of wasted time, lost revenue opportunities, and frustration is enormous, and until now, there was no solution.'s innovative new FreshAddress Book provides a workable, user-friendly solution that is helping to keep the world connected.