Case Study Illustrates the Benefits and Risks of Email Appending

NEWTON, MA, (January 9, 2006) - If you have ever had trouble getting the correct email addresses of your customers, or getting their email addresses at all, then you would have benefited greatly from attending the 2005 winter conference for the National Center for Database Marketing. At that event, FreshAddress, Inc., a leading email services provider and patent holder of ECOA (Email Change Of Address) service, teamed up with Minnesota Public Radio to present a case study titled, "Email Appending 101 — The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!"

Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress, Inc. and a regular speaker at NCDM, and Al Anderson, Director of Membership Marketing for Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), shared with the 100 person audience MPR´s experience with the process and their subsequent marketing success. As the country´s largest station-based producer of national public radio programs, MPR has the highest percentage of listener membership of any community-based public radio network in the United States. The award-winning station realized that email communication is a critical tool for facilitating open dialogue with its members, promoting special events, and raising money for station programming.

Mr. Anderson shared that MPR tracked revenue growth as a direct result of the email marketing campaigns launched after FreshAddress appended their existing membership lists. MPR doubled their overall membership email list through the FreshAddress email appending process. Overall response rate to MPR's email renewal campaigns was over 5% -- an impressive return for a direct marketing campaign.

"It's always satisfying to work closely with clients who understand the value of a conscientious email marketing strategy," said Bliss. "It's even more rewarding to be able to showcase a client who can clearly demonstrate how careful and ethical implementation of email appending reaps amazing results: both tangible ones like increased revenue and increased membership, but also the intangible benefits of member satisfaction and clear communication."

Bliss frequently speaks about email appending and correction, email change of address services, email validation, and deliverability issues at direct marketing and technology conferences nationwide. When a client is available to provide a case study perspective, Bliss is happy to share the stage. The NCDM 2005 Winter Conference was December 12-14 in Orlando, Florida.

"Effective email communication is a critical tool for businesses. If you don't have a valid email address for each of your customers, then that should be your priority project in 2006," Bliss said. "Our clients can prove in hard numbers just how valuable it is."

To learn more about FreshAddress' email appending, a white paper titled "Tips to Build Your Email Address Database" is available at their website: