FreshAddress Network Offers Worldwide Knowledge Base of Current and Changed Email Addresses

ARLINGTON, MA, (September 19, 2000) - FreshAddress, Inc., the Internet's leading free email address registry and change of email address service, today announced it has introduced an email change of address service for businesses and their customers. The company also announced the launch of the FreshAddress Network, which offers companies updates from a worldwide knowledge base of old and updated email addresses.'s new service for businesses enables companies that regularly communicate with their customers by email to automatically and seamlessly update their email databases before each mailing. In this way, businesses can ensure their marketing messages and announcements reach each intended recipient at his/her current preferred email address.

In addition, by joining the FreshAddress Network, businesses can benefit from email address changes made through any of's client sites or directly at the web site. The FreshAddress Network further gives companies access to a centralized technology platform and a set of tools to eliminate or resolve invalid addresses, recover members "lost" to dead addresses, and realize the full revenue potential locked in their customer databases.

"Old and invalid email addresses result in a significant market cost and revenue drain for companies - especially when their primary form of marketing communications is email, and their success lies in their ability to reach targeted customers on a regular basis," said Bill Kaplan, CEO of "25% or more of a typical company's email address list goes stale each year. Each bounced email translates to a dead consumer profile, lost revenue opportunities and, ultimately, lost market value for a company. With the introduction of both our new email change of address service for businesses and the FreshAddress Network, we're helping companies retain their existing customers and keep their lists fresh and up-to-date, thereby ensuring the maximum return on their marketing investments."