Free Service Provides Missing Link Between Old and New Email Addresses

NEWTON, MA, (December 6, 2001) - Over the next three months, the closure of Excite@Home will result in the forced change of email address for 4.1 million customers. These Internet users are faced with the challenge of ensuring that all of their friends, family, and business contacts are aware of their new email addresses.

Fortunately, a solution exists to this change of email address problem., the Free Change of Email Address Registry™, helps people and businesses stay connected when email addresses change. This confidential worldwide Internet website allows members to register their old and new email addresses and provides the "missing link" between the two.

The service centralizes email address changes just like the U.S. Postal Service centralizes physical address changes. Furthermore, it allows people to choose to automatically provide their new email address information to their friends, family members and preferred online subscriptions.

"Nowadays, so many people use email as a means of communication, it is quite an upheaval to lose your personal email address," said Austin Bliss, President. "Our free and confidential registry service is the perfect centralized solution for all former Excite@Home users. I'm thrilled our website will help make their Internet communications a bit easier during this transition."