October 18, 2005 — The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) announced today at DMA•05 the members of its Committee on Social Responsibility (CSR). Established in March 2005, the goal of the CSR is to identify challenges direct marketers face with social responsibility issues and to develop and encourage best practices in addressing them.

“CSR will focus on roles and responsibilities of direct marketers beyond the business transaction,” said Pat Kachura, DMA senior vice president, ethics and consumer affairs. “In doing so, CSR aspires move the industry forward in this regard.”

Consistent with DMA’s Strategic Plan, CSR resolves to expand the convergence zone of consumers, policymakers, and business interests.

Chaired by Jennifer Barrett of Acxiom Corporation, CSR committee members are:

  • Austin C. Bliss, FreshAddress, Inc.
  • Carolyn Beem, L.L.Bean
  • Meta Brophy, ConsumersUnion
  • Jeanette Cassano, American List Counsel, Inc.
  • Chet Dalzell, Harte Hanks, Inc.
  • Joseph Eustermann, Experian Interactive
  • Billie Flaherty, Pitney Bowes, Inc.
  • Richard Goldsmith, The Horah Group
  • Liz Kislik, Liz Kislik Associates
  • Connie LaMotta, LaMotta Strategic Communications
  • Robert McDonald, Cosmetique, Inc.
  • Catherine McIntyre, ICOM Information & Communications
  • Don McKenzie, Petsky Prunier, LLC
  • Gerry Pike, DMSA, Inc.
  • Eugene R. Raitt, AIG Companies Worldwide
  • Eliot D. Russman, Magneto Marketing Group, LLC
  • Suzanne Swenson-Ridenour, Ridenour & Associates
  • Lynn Wunderman, I-Behavior, Inc.

At its meeting on Sunday in Atlanta, DMA’s Board of Directors approved a first-year’s agenda for the CSR that focuses on three areas:

  1. The committee will work to improve direct marketing’s environmental footprint.
  2. As phishing, spam, and other forms of e-mail abuse continue to erode the confidence of consumers, the CSR will play an important role in educating consumers on how to protect themselves and in assisting members rebuild trust in these areas.
  3. Finally the CSR will develop a generic disaster response plan to assist consumers and members in affected areas.