Free Service Provides Missing Link Between Old and New Email Addresses

NEWTON, MA, (August 22, 2001) - For college students, the next few weeks will be both tumultuous and exciting: new dorms, new classes, new friends, and new lives. And because colleges and universities are now embracing the Internet, starting school also means getting a new email address.

But with the ever-wired nature of the world, a college-issued email address will certainly not be a student's first email address, nor will it be their last. Possessing multiple working and old email addresses creates unique challenges for students who want to stay up-to-date with friends and other important contacts.

Fortunately, a solution exists to this change of email address problem. , the Free Change of Email Address Registry and ServiceTM, helps people and businesses stay connected when email addresses change. This free and confidential worldwide service allows students to register their old and new email addresses and provides the "missing link" between the two. Search on someone's old email address and will provide you with that person's current preferred address, his/her FreshAddress, subject to the person's chosen privacy level. The site further enables people to easily inform their friends and other desired parties of an email address change and allows them to search for a lost contact's new email address.

"I remember my own frustration at trying to find my friends' current preferred email addresses. Were they still using their Hotmail accounts or should I send messages to some other account, or maybe a new school email address?" said Austin Bliss, President. "Our free and confidential registry service is the perfect solution to the confusion of multiple email addresses."

The service centralizes email address changes just like the U.S. Postal Service centralizes physical address changes. Furthermore, it allows people to automatically provide their new email address information to the friends, family members and the online subscriptions of their choice. To register, visit