NEWTON, MA --- Savings Bank Life Insurance of Massachusetts (SBLI), a leading life insurance provider founded in 1907, is built on a sales model that belies most people’s impression of the insurance industry. SBLI entrusts its marketing department to generate all sales leads for its direct agents – cold calling prospects is not allowed. As a result, its marketing database is the lifeblood for the continued success of the company’s direct sales force.

Tasked with building and maintaining a multi-channel marketing organization, SBLI utilizes a sophisticated, in-depth market intelligence system. This marketing database contains far-reaching demographic and psychographic information on customers, prospects/responders, and contest winners, which comprise the “hub” of SBLI’s marketing initiatives. This database consists of 10 million names, collected from a variety of advertising and promotional channels, including TV, radio, print, email and digital marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

SBLI offers an on-line insurance quote calculator to allow consumers to get a custom quote based on the amount of insurance and length of coverage they are considering. An email is requested as part of the process. SBLI found a significant percentage of shoppers entered bogus email addresses, limiting SBLI’s ability to cross sell and communicate further with these prospective clients.

The Solution

In order to keep these problematic email addresses out of its database - 2% to 20% of all email registrations contain syntax, typo, formatting or other errors - SBLI decided to employ FreshAddress’s Real–time Email Address Correction Technology (REACT). REACT not only blocks faulty and fraudulent email address registrations but also provides real-time corrections for syntax, typo, formatting, misspelling and top level domain errors.

When someone types in their email address on the registration page of SBLI’s website, REACT cross-references the entered email address with required RFC standards as well as FreshAddress’s proprietary database of common errors, suspect and malicious addresses, possible spam traps, and over 9 million domains that are continually checked for valid MX records.. If the email is valid, it is automatically accepted. If the email is problematic, an error message appears to the user. If there’s a hygiene error, a suggested correction is presented to the user.

Since REACT catches and corrects invalid and problematic email entries in real-time at the point of registration -- before they enter a client’s website -- SBLI was able to “insure” they would avoid wasting future marketing dollars and effort purging their database after the fact.

Our agents had grown accustomed to getting some bogus email addresses through our on-line registrations. When we started using REACT, they actually had to be re-trained to believe that the email addresses we were receiving were valid, deliverable addresses.

---Rose Cahill, VP-Marketing, SBLI

In its final analysis of the program, SBLI found REACT to be invaluable. Over the initial six month period using REACT, SBLI was able to block or correct 6.1% of its email address registrations, thereby avoiding costly deliverability and blocking issues while being able to reconnect with thousands of prospects it would have otherwise lost.

FreshAddress calls its solution Real-time Email Address Correction Technology but at SBLI we call it “Really Cool Technology!

---Phil Crampe, E-Commerce Manager, SBLI

About SBLI of Massachusetts

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