New partnership combines direct mail and e-mail expertise to strengthen market penetration

Minneapolis, MN (February 16, 2006) - CMS Direct announces its newest alliance with FreshAddress, the Email Address Experts™. This new partnership brings together CMS Direct’s expertise in database hosting, consumer co-op data, modeling services and advanced list processing with FreshAddress’ leading edge e-mail database services, including their patented Email Change Of Address (ECOA). By pooling their knowledge centers, the two companies can help direct marketing clients maintain and grow their customer databases.

Keeping current with e-mail addresses has become a major issue for internet marketers. Every 12 months, 35% of internet users change their e-mail addresses, and up to 5% of e-mail registration lists are incorrect, according to Natalie Hahn O’Flaherty, marketing manager for FreshAddress. As a result, even opt-in e-mail lists may have a large percentage of bounce backs and deliveries to faulty domains

"Our patented Email Change of Address system addresses these issues," said Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress, Inc. "Companies now realize they must be even more diligent with their email campaigns, because email addresses change up to five times more often than physical mail addresses on an annual basis. Our Email Change of Address services correct the majority of invalid addresses in one’s list and provide updated email addresses for old dead addresses."

FreshAddress’s e-mail database services are unmatched in the industry. And the company’s vigilant attention to privacy and suppression issues helps to protect clients from blacklisting and spam.

"Direct marketers often come to us when their results start slipping. They might be getting 20% of their e-mails bouncing back, or seeing returns slipping from 5% to 3%," reported Hahn O’Flaherty.

She also noted that lists tend to get "sloppy" over time, and the sloppier they get, the more likely it is that the holder of the list could be blacklisted. Because search engines like Google and Yahoo are not obligated to inform companies when they’ve been blacklisted, companies are often up against a wall they don’t even realize is there. As a multichannel catalog services company, CMS Direct connects sellers with buyers via information technology and consumer data. Clients are able to improve their business processes and grow their customer bases through CMS Direct’s services. As partners, FreshAddress and CMS Direct will be able to help clients improve the efficiency of their lists to maximize business.

"We are excited about this alliance with FreshAddress," said Pat Minton, president of CMS, a division of CMS Direct. "Between our capabilities in database hosting and modeling services, and theirs in delivering maximum output from direct marketers’ email lists, we’re that much more able to deliver better results for our clients." FreshAddress is typically able to improve client lists by 10-12% on its initial audit. Through regular list appending and hygiene, the company can further improve mailing results by 25%.

For more information on the CMS Direct/FreshAddress alliance, call 763-450-6300 or visit the company websites at and