FreshAddress, Inc. Celebrates Milestone - Cleans and Updates 2,500th Email Address List

NEWTON, MA, (February 6, 2002) – FreshAddress, Inc., the leading provider of NCOA for EmailTM, today announced the successful cleaning and updating of their 2,500th email address list. The service scrutinizes the email addresses in each list for typos, improper formatting, duplicates, and domain errors and provides both email address changes and corrections. Over the past 18 months, FreshAddress, Inc. has serviced clients with databases ranging in size from thousands to millions of email addresses.

"Tightening budgets have made marketers keen to keep their email address lists fresh and up-to-date. With each of our servers able to process up to 2.4 million email addresses per day, FreshAddress, Inc. has the capacity to serve every one of our clients' needs," said Bill Kaplan, CEO. "I'm thrilled that we passed our milestone of 2,500 lists six months ahead of our projections."

Similar to the U.S. Post Office's NCOA (National Change of Address) service, FreshAddress, Inc.'s Email Change of Address (ECOA) Service enables companies to seamlessly update their lists with new email addresses registered at or through any Network Member sites, subject to each individual's permission. In addition to its ECOA service, FreshAddress, Inc.'s FreshList analyzes a company's email list, identifies invalid and bouncing addresses, and provides corrections for most syntax, typographical, formatting, top level and "dead" domain errors.