Once FreshAddress receives your customer postal file, we…

  1. Match your file against our proprietary, opted-in database of over 835MM emails and the licensed data of our carefully vetted partners. Each record includes a time & date stamp and source information that authenticates when and how each address was acquired.
  2. Clean the matches with SafeToSend® and run all required suppressions, including unsubscribes, FCC Wireless Domains, and the DMA’s “Do Not Email” list to ensure your list is free of damaging (but deliverable) addresses.
  3. Send a branded ‘permission message’ to your customers to confirm deliverability and drive opt-ins to your communications.
    Clean again to ensure your file is SafeToSend based on our most current knowledgebase.

We return an updated file with 100% guaranteed deliverable email addresses for 35+% of your list.