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SPAM Concerns

Will I get any unsolicited or junk mail (spam)?

No. We strongly oppose unsolicited bulk mail and we will never cooperate with sellers or users of such lists. Read more about it in our Privacy Policy. The only communications you can expect to receive related to this service are (1) emails from friends and business contacts (in accordance with your own Privacy Protection Level), (2) infrequent deliverability confirmation emails from FreshAddress to confirm your email is still active, and (3) email newsletters and/or catalogs from companies to which you are already subscribed.

Why did I receive an email from FreshAddress?

For your protection, we send an initial confirmation email to every address you list in your account. In addition, we may occasionally send an email to your FreshAddress to confirm that it is still working.

I heard someone who is not registered with your service receives an email from you. Why?

Most likely, either someone was searching for their email address and set a FreshAddress search for them, or one of their friends or business contacts registered for our service and asked us to tell them about