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What does do? is a registry of old and new email addresses. You can register your old and current email addresses with us so that others can always find you. You can also search for other peoples' up-to-date email addresses.

What other services does offer?

We also offer an online, personal FreshAddress Book for recording your contacts' email addresses and a Search function - if the email address you're searching for isn't registered, the site will keep searching and notify you when it is.

How can help me?

We help you stay in touch with friends, family, and associates by providing a central place for you to inform others of your preferred email address and look up theirs.

Does forward email from my old address to my new one?

No. is not a forwarding service. Our service allows you to find someone's current email address (subject to his/her chosen privacy level) by searching at the site for that person's name or even old email address.

Can I get a new email address from

No. does not provide new email addresses and you cannot send or receive email through our website. You should only register addresses that you currently use, or addresses you have used in the past.

Can I check my email at

No. You do not send or receive email through