Partnership-Related Questions

Why is FINS working with FreshAddress, Inc?

FreshAddress, Inc. cleans & updates FINS's email address list to ensure that their email messages are sent only to your current preferred email address. Our service helps maintain the accuracy of their database and the privacy of your personal email address.

How did you get my email address?

Our records indicate that you have had a relationship with FINS. Your email address is registered with FreshAddress or at one of our hundreds of partner websites, including travel, coupons, weather, etc., and agreed to receive third party information.

If you no longer want to be contacted by FINS, please use the unsubscribe link in the email you received.

Was my email address sold?

No. FreshAddress, Inc. is simply a service provider working on behalf of FINS to ensure the proper delivery of their email.

Why did I get an email from

We sent you a message to confirm your correct email address & let you know we are working with FINS. If you have an updated email address, you can specify it here.

What's this website ""? is a free website for individuals to indicate their current preferred email address. Visitors to our homepage ( register themselves so that they can stay connected with their friends and contacts when email addresses change. To protect your privacy, by default your email address is not available in this public directory.

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is of paramount importance to FINS as well as all of us here at FreshAddress, Inc. That is why this special service was established that allows you to indicate your current preferred email address for FINS without participating in the public registry of old and new email addresses. To change this, simply sign in to update your listing and go to "Privacy Options".

What if I changed my email address?

Great! That's what we're here for! Simply follow this link to record your new information. Be sure to keep your old email address as part of your account, as it is a critical part of our service.

When I was adding my other email address to my account, I was told that someone else had already listed it. How can this be?

Sometimes email addresses are recycled or duplicate accounts are created for the same person when databases get out of sync. Please email and we will be happy to resolve this for you.

When I go to and attempt to perform a search for someone's current email address, why am I told I must first "expand my membership"?

Since your email address is kept absolutely confidential, you are not able to search for anyone's email address on the public registry, nor is anyone able to search for yours. To change this, simply sign in to update your listing and go to "Privacy Options."

Why do you have my name wrong in your last message?

Our apologies! This is the name we were given. To correct it, simply sign in to update your listing and go to "Personal Information."

Can you tell me about any special offers? What happened to my order? How do I change my shipping address? etc.

We are responsible solely for maintaining the accuracy of email addresses; please contact FINS directly for any other information or questions you may have.

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