Working at FreshAddress: What I’ve Learned About Email Marketing

Before I began working at FreshAddress, I don’t believe I ever uttered the word “deliverability.” It’s a bit of a tongue-twister, and easier spelled than spoken. Beyond training myself to pronounce those seven syllables, I learned about the challenges the marketers I work with face as they try to achieve the best possible performance in their email programs. They live in a world fraught with dangers: spamptraps, blacklists, complaint thresholds, opt-outs, list attrition, honey pots, and bounces, to name just a few. Now, not only do I understand their pain points, I know the perfect solutions and services to help them optimize their databases and their email programs.

I used to read the emails in my inbox looking for special offers, new styles, and free shipping. Now, I think about the clicks and conversion, the attribution, and the revenue the email intends to drive. Whenever I see a snappy subject line, I wonder if I’m in an A/B/C test group  and whether my response will help shape the week’s campaign.  I take note of that simple rectangular “SHOP SCARVES” button in my Banana Republic email and consider whether it gets a better response than the tangerine-colored “CHECK IT OUT” button that Title Nine’s email used the same day.

Working at FreshAddress has made my interactions with my inbox a lot more interesting!


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