No matter how simple or complex your back-to-school campaign might be, it won’t help you or your customers if your messages don’t get delivered to their inboxes.

Do you know your email database health?  We have a free tool that will give you a free test of your email database and it will tell you: percentages of valids, errors, warnings, duplicates and the exact number of invalids and spamtraps.

To increase your inbox accuracy you should develop a process (using the expert industry tools/services that are minimal cost) to keep your lists clean and follow best practices for acquisition and list management:

    • Never buy a list or send to addresses without a permission record.  Spam houses, who’s purpose is to stop this activity, will eventually block you from hitting anyone’s inbox if your sender reputation is compromised.
    • Use email validation at all your opt-in points, FreshAddress’s Real Time SafeToSend, before they go into your database.
    • Develop an internal process to flag emails from role accounts, disposable email services and other problematic email accounts.
    • Remove undeliverable and spam-complaint addresses immediately.  Again, not only is it important to flag questionable emails but you have to have an internal process to update/delete data accordingly.
    • Review your lists for inactive email addresses that could be secret blacklist triggers.

At FreshAddress, we’re experts in helping you keep your lists up to date and accurate while minimizing dangers.  We work with the top brands worldwide and can develop a plan that integrates you’re your current process quickly and easily.  We’d love to help you move your email program right to the head of the class!

“We’re definitely satisfied customers of FreshAddress and are convinced that you have helped us avoid getting blocklisted.”
– Campaign Manager, American Honda Motor Company.


2021 Email Examples To Consider: 

Container Store

Bed Bath & Beyond



Adorama (tech-equipment guides for students)

Pottery Barn Kids


Children’s Place


Marshall’s prominent in-store/online buttons 7-10


Lowe’s preheader: The kids are heading back to school. We can help you take back any space in your home.

Saucony copy 7-13


French Toast digital hub

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