Who’s On Your Website?

In business today, capturing valuable data about potential customers who have shown enough interest to pay an initial visit to your website is vital.

Marketing and ecommerce professionals try to do whatever they can to entice “drive-by” visitors to return to make purchases, to provide information that will help to facilitate future sales efforts, and to recommend other like-minded buyers. So what could be more perfect than the ability to identify visitors who’ve just “stopped by” but haven’t registered or left any identification? This would enable you to message them immediately after they leave your site or better yet, to serve appropriate web pages or ads to them while they’re still visiting.

A comprehensive lead response management survey from MIT and InsideSales.com tells us that the odds are 21 times greater of qualifying a Web-based lead if it’s responded to in five minutes vs. 30 minutes.

You may think that if you’ve got registration forms on your website you’re already capturing valuable marketing data. But are you? We’ve already established that any company or organization operating a website wants the most up-to-date information about its website visitors. Were you aware that critical missing information about these visitors can be appended on a real-time basis?

With the help of FreshAddress’s Real-time Email and Real-time Postal Appending, you can obtain those much-needed email or postal addresses to establish contact with your website visitors.

Real-time Email Append

Instantly obtain an email address for any matched name & postal record as provided by your website visitors.


  • Convert single-channel to multi-channel marketing
  • Reduce marketing costs by reaching customers via email rather than via postal mail
  • Dramatically increase online revenues
  • Use as a validation tool for fraud prevention
  • Conquer shopping cart abandonment

Real-time Postal Append

Instantly obtain full name and postal information (or just a zip code) for any matched record. This lookup can be done by email address or the visitor’s IP address


  • Convert single-channel to multi-channel marketing
  • Gain the ability to merge the records and transaction histories of your email and postal files
  • More effectively target web advertising and/or online offers to customers and prospects
  • Efficiently reach customers and prospects via mail
  • Use a validation tool for fraud prevention

How long does it take to get the information?

Requests are sent over the Internet to FreshAddress servers, which within milliseconds perform the necessary database lookups. The service is available 24/7/365.

How hard is it to integrate?

Setting up FreshAddress real-time services on your site is easy. Your tech team will be provided with a simple integration document on how to use our API, which can be integrated into any existing website.

It’s that easy. End the frustration of “drive-by” visitors on your website and turn them into fans and customers!

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