How Ya Like Them Apps? FreshAddress & ExactTarget Team Up On New App!

We’re thrilled to announce that our industry leading email validation solution, SafeToSend™, will be available as an app in the ExactTarget HubExchange marketplace! Starting July 15th, ExactTarget clients will have easy access to the most comprehensive email validation technology available.

ExactTarget provides Fortune 500 and small businesses with on-demand software for permission-based email, mobile, and social media marketing. HubExchange, their exclusive new marketplace, enables ExactTarget clients to seamlessly connect additional technology services to their account – all without having to leave the interface.

With this partnership, ExactTarget clients can harness the power of SafeToSend™ to:

  • CHECK each email address to confirm the account exists and is accepting email
  • CORRECT typos, syntax, formatting, domain and extension errors
  • PROTECT their lists from deliverable, but damaging emails, including: spamtraps, honeypots, frequent spam complainers, role accounts, disposable domains, malicious entries and bogus addresses.

The results? 100% deliverable SafeToSend™ addresses that will drive campaign click-throughs, response rates, and conversions.

Visit HubExchange Week to learn more and to sign up for meetups, webinars and other virtual events. Be sure to join us at 4pm EST on Tuesday, July 16th for our webinar, Taking Charge of Email Deliverability: Fresh Ideas on How to Reach Recipients & Increase Your Return. We’re also sponsoring live kick-off events in Cleveland on Tuesday, July 17th, and Charlotte and Minneapolis on Wednesday, July 18th. Stop by, say hello and check out a demo of our app!


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