The rising tide of consumer privacy regulation is making marketing solutions that rely on 3rd party data and cookies obsolete. Don’t worry, it’s not time to panic. This is a prime opportunity to improve your marketing efforts and get closer to your own customers.

It’s time to build your data house on your own land! Want to optimize your marketing efforts and transform your customer relationships? Reclaim ownership of your customer data!

Watch FreshAddress and ShopFluency to learn some strategies for collecting more quality 1st party data. As well as how to leverage this data to make real-time decisions that increase ROI and lower CPA.

Attendees will learn:

    • How the death of the cookie is a good thing for your business.
    • Expert tips for collecting tons of high-quality 1st party data, fast!
    • How to maximize the impact of your customer data through smarter segmentation and personalization.

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