The Time Machine on Email Hygiene

After a decade of research and the analysis of over two billion email addresses, FreshAddress has built the definitive solution to email deliverability challenges: SafeToSend™ Deliverability Solution. Email hygiene and correction has come a long way since we first started our company back in 1999. So take a step back into the FreshAddress Time Machine to see how much things have changed…


FreshAddress files provisional patent for hygiening and correcting inadvertent email registration errors


FreshAddress launches email hygiene and correction services featuring the following:

  • RFC822 and FreshAddress syntax standards syntax checks
  • Top-level and lower-level domain checks
  • Correction engine offers suggested corrections to email address typos
  • Address screening flags spamtraps and honeypots, role accounts, and bogus & malicious email addresses for removal


FreshAddress receives a U.S. Patent on its Email Change of Address technology, including email hygiene and correction intelligence and processes


FreshAddress launches Real-Time Email Address Correction Technology (REACT) to hygiene and correct email address registrations at the point of registration

DMA “Do Not Email List” and FCC wireless domains added to address screening


Disposable domains, squealers, and screamers added to address screening


FreshAddress launches cloud version of REACT

Processing times drop below 200 milliseconds

Real-time MX check integrated, confirming the existence of each domain and its ability to accept email


FreshAddress introduces Auto-batch processing for high frequency list processing 24x7x365 – “Clean your files while you sleep.”

Real-time Automated Typo Correction (ATC) allows corrections to be made in real-time based on domain’s status and popularity


International language domain names tracked

Comprehensive ISP-specific rules (e.g. Gmail doesn’t allow underscores) integrated

Client-specific suppressions (custom suppressions) supported

Client-side integration available


FreshAddress introduces REACT overlay plug-in – “Integrate in less time than it takes for you to get your Starbucks coffee”

Spamtrap and honeypot filtering significantly upgraded


SafeToSend™ introduced

  • Check. Correct. Protect.
  • Account Level Validation (ALV): FreshAddress proprietary algorithm utilizes our knowledgebase of confirmed undeliverable email addresses and email-specific activity as well as real-time confirmations to determine whether the email address is valid and available to accept email…without deploying a message.
  • 100% guaranteed deliverability
  • smartCAPTCHA: Our automated real-time (or REACT) option now includes a customized version of reCAPTCHA.
  • “Don’t Send Another Email Unless You’re Sure It’s SafeToSend™”

The release of our SafeToSend™ Deliverability Solution marks the start of a new and exciting chapter for FreshAddress. The service eliminates bouncing emails from your list, corrects millions of registration errors, and flags toxic email addresses for removal to make your email file 100% guaranteed deliverable. Feel free to try our demo right now.

As we look back on the go-go days of the late 1990’s, very few other startups from that era are still around. Meanwhile, FreshAddress has kept a laser-like focus on helping companies build, clean, and update their customer email address files. We love helping companies win the email deliverability game and maximize their email marketing revenues, and can’t wait to see what the next decade will bring!

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