… a romantic dinner with your significant other?

Wrong! It’s being able to analyze Valentine’s Day email marketing campaigns! Let’s take a look at the sending frequencies of two heavily trafficked ValentinesDay retailers: 1-800-Flowers and Edible Arrangements.


It’s difficult to set a baseline for either of these companies because we’ve basically been in a holiday round robin since Thanksgiving. Looking back at historical data, 1-800-Flowers’ benchmark appears to be as few as two marketing emails and as many as four in a month without a major ‘flower’ holiday. Sending frequency picks up in October and through the rest of the holiday season:

  • October 2013, 8 sends
  • November 2013, 15 sends
  • December 2013, 50 sends

With that context, let’s look at Valentine’s emails. 1-800-Flowers first mentioned “Valentine’s Day” in a subject line on January 19, a little less than a month before the big day. Between that send and the end of the day on February 14, they sent a total of 69 emails, averaging 2.65 per day in that window. Notably, 1-800-Flowers eased up on Valentine’s Day itself, sending only 1 email that day; they mentioned guaranteed delivery as late as 6 pm Eastern on February 13.

My favorite subject line from this period: “Dude: Save 25% Sitewide for Valentine”



Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements has a slightly different sending baseline; they drop off in the summer – when folks have easy access to plentiful fresh fruit – sending less than 1 email per month from May to August of 2013. Like 1-800-Flowers, frequency jumps in October 2013:

  • October 2013, 11 emails
  • November 2013, 19 emails
  • December 2013, 32 emails

The Valentine season began January 16 for this retailer, with the first mention of Valentine’s Day in the subject line. Between that day and the end of day on February 14, Edible Arrangements sent 25 emails, a much lower average of 0.89 per day. However, they sent three emails on Valentine’s Day itself, the last one teasing “Valentine’s Day Extended!”

A particularly nice play by Edible Arrangements during the V-Day season is this subject line and email, which opens them to more than just romantic buys: “This is For the Kids You Love!”


Which retailer sent your favorite Valentine-themed marketing email? Did you notice an uptake in how many you received? Reach out below and let us know.

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